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On Beyond you can find the best content on the Internet, curated by real people. Not algorithms.

The Problem

Things are out of hand

The Internet has gotten out of control. Every day there are thousands of jiggabytes being uploaded, and it's almost impossible to find anything, let alone the right thing.

You know it. You've been there before, just like we have. You want to learn something, you search for it online, and all of a sudden there are 584 courses, 6900 videos, and 589909 blog articles. You've only got 30 minutes to spare — so which one do you click? 🤯

The content problem
The content problem
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The Solution

We're glad you're here

You're like us. You save all your favourite things into lists too. You like to share your favourite video or article with a friend.

Beyond is the platform for good content. The best content. Content selected by real people, not algorithms.

People like you and me, for people like you and me.

The content solution
The content solution

What you can do

Beyond is built with a focus on user experience, and providing all the tools to make your life and your learning effortless.

  • 📝
    Track and organize
    Keep track of the content you consume, plan your consumption, and stay productive
  • 🧠
    Bookmark anything
    Collect your favourite stuff from the Internet (or your brain)
  • 🏷
    Enrich content with context
    Use tags and notes to organize everything, or just use our powerful search to find it again
  • 🤝
    Share your lists with anyone
    Publish your lists with one click, so others can enjoy your selections
  • 📣
    Build your audience
    Reach the right people in the community at the right time and establish your following
  • 💵
    Monetize your work
    All the tools for you to monetize your work with subscriptions or one-off payments

"All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation."

Ben Evans


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