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Written by Alexander Hipp


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$BEYOND token is out now

We are "beyond" excited to announce that our utility token $BEYOND is now available to mint directly. You can go to beyond.so/token and buy it.

Already 400 people have received the token via an airdrop that has started yesterday. If you are eligible for claiming tokens you can find out on beyond.so/claim.

Feel free to check this "how to"-article for a detailed explanation on how you get $AVAX and mint the tokens: Click here

Why are we launching it? Our motivation

We want to build more than just a product, and more than just a community. We build a partnership with our community members and users, so that we're all helping each other create something great in the world. Using the token we want to align incentives as much as we can. By enabling our users to become owners, then we're all working toward the same goal. By creating a token that has real value, that can be used freely within our community between members, we hope to drive more value transfer within the group. We have designed the token so that there are a number of functions, all of which are intended to create value and a better experience for our users and our community members. They are also designed to incentivise positive behaviour that benefits not just Beyond, but also the community.

What can you do with $BEYOND

There are a number of things you can do with the $BEYOND token:

  1. The token can be used to buy shares in Beyond in the future, during a limited community sale.
  2. The token can be used for governance of the Beyond community
  3. The token gives the holder a special members role in Discord
  4. The token can be used to pay for a Beyond premium subscription (coming soon)
  5. The token can be traded with other people for other asset types (eg. Ethereum)
  6. The token can be used to tip other people in the community as a thank you.

A few words about Beyond

Beyond is a community management platform that solves problems using web3 technology. Community is in our DNA and drives everything we do. Our mission is to empower people to create modern communities, and we work on this mission alongside our community of community-builders. We believe that solving problems for our users, with our users creates the best possible outcome for everyone.

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