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Written by Shane Neubauer


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Announcing the $BEYOND airdrop

We're pleased to announce the launch of $BEYOND, the utility and governance token of the Beyond community, and with it an airdrop to the community!

Here's what you need to know.

Claiming tokens

The claim will be opened on the 25th Jan at 17:00 UTC until the 4th of Feb. Any unclaimed tokens at that point will be forfeited.

The token will be deployed to the Avalanche chain, and the contract address will be published and available for viewing on the 24th Jan.

When the claiming opens, you will be able to check how many tokens you are eligible for, and claim those tokens directly on the Beyond website at beyond.so/claim.


We want to reward anyone who has been a great citizen in the Beyond community, or who has begun to engage with our product in its early stages.

A snapshot will be taken when the claim opens on the 25th, so you still have time to engage, share, and help others.

There are a number of things you can do to become eligible for the airdrop:

  1. If you've introduced yourself in our Discord #introductions channel
  2. If you've introduced your community project in our Discord #share-projects channel
  3. If you've helped our research by filling out this really short survey
  4. If you've ever shared valuable content/links in our Discord, for other members to benefit from.
  5. If you've bought a lifetime access pass NFT (they are still available here)
  6. If you've gone live with Beyond in your community

Getting more

We will open the sale of more tokens on the 27th Jan at 17:00 UTC, for anyone to buy.

We've included a referral feature, so you can earn even more tokens (gas paid) when other people buy tokens using your referral link.

You'll find your personal referral link on the claim page and token minting page (we'll make sure it's easy to find)


There are a number of things you can do with the $BEYOND token:

  1. Participate in the governance of our community, including decisions around community projects, education, talks and more.
  2. The token can be used to buy shares in Beyond in the future, during a limited community sale.
  3. The token gives the holder a special members role in Discord.
  4. The token can be used to pay for a Beyond premium subscription (coming soon)
  5. The token can be traded for other asset types (eg. Ethereum)
  6. The token can be used to tip other people in the community as a thank you.


As our community grows in size and maturity, we'll be launching new initiatives and projects.

These will be around community education (helping people the web3 space), partnerships with other organisations and DAOs, and much more.

We have some ideas, and we're sure you do too — so that's why we want to enable you to have your say!

Note: the product and the company are still run as a regular product company. The governance applies to our community, which is still a huge component of what we do and how we do it.

Beyond shares

Later in 2022, Beyond will be a fully tokenised company, meaning shares in the company will be represented by tokens on the blockchain.

These tokens will be separate to the $BEYOND tokens that we're airdropping, but we will open up a limited sale of our shares, which can be bought using $BEYOND tokens.

More information on this will be published soon.

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