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Curation Is the Future of Discovering Content On the Internet

"Knowing where to go and what to do is the currency that, in the modern aspiration economy, makes curators more important than influencers. They guide their audience through culture by putting forward a selection of images, references, codes, product releases, or memes. Curation gives even mundane objects value by connecting them with a point of view, heritage, a subculture or purpose that makes them stand out in the vortex of speed, superficiality, and newness."

On the weekend, I was reading this great explanation of why curation is the next big thing for the internet by Ana Andjelic, and it resonated with me and inspired our vision at Beyond. So in this article, I give insight into our thinking around curation, the future of the internet, and how we are fuelling the upcoming curator economy.

Let's start with an example. Spotify's music library consists of 50 Mio songs. That's almost 300 years of listening experience if the average length of a song is just 3 minutes. Nobody can listen to all the pieces. Spotify, therefore, uses a mixture of technical solutions and human touch to make its catalog discoverable. They employ in-house music curators that are experts in a given music genre, and they curate the most followed Spotify playlists. It's a full-time job. Additionally, thousands of individuals, ordinary users, are building a following by curating the best songs.

The same can be applied to the rest of the internet. To give some other examples:

  • Instagram launched a feature that allows users to save their favorite posts in collections.
  • Unsplash features user-curated collections on their start page.
  • Mailbrew sends a curated news log to its millions of users every morning.

These are just a couple of examples that prove that the internet has a problem: The Internet has gotten out of control. Every day, thousands of petabytes are uploaded, so it's becoming increasingly difficult to cut through this noise to find the best content.

With the creator economy in full swing, it was never easier to produce your podcast, write and publish a book, or create your masterclasses. Especially on specialized topics like product management, startup investing, or climate tech, we have a flood of great content being produced every day, which leads us to another problem. You have to constantly stay up to date because content that is relevant today might be old tomorrow.

We need someone who is making sense of it all for us. Like Spotify's playlist curators, people who are knowledgable in a particular niche. People who consume the content and put it in a broader perspective and context for us. The spectrum of curation goes from someone sharing her learnings from reading a single book to someone explaining how to get into a specific topic like Venture Capital by consuming various contents in one particular logical sequence and with her reflection accompanied. "Digital curators are the librarians of the internet" (Anamaria Iuga, Founder at FemWealth and curator on Beyond)

Google can give you a million results in a split second. But is it the most valuable or just the most optimized result? "We (rather) want curators who know their audience and who can build bridges by speaking the language that will resonate and get people to the next new idea they need" (Cecilia Abadie, Product Manager at Google).

At Beyond, we want to enable this new breed of digital curators with the tools they need to connect in the best possible way with their audience. We want to allow their followers to be able to make sense of the best content that is available in a blink of an eye and be able to generate their learning. Our mission is to create meaningful connections around the best content.

If you are suffering from this flood of content yourself and believe that there is a better version of the internet in the curation by real humans augmented by technology, feel free to leave your email address on our waiting list and spread the word. We are inviting new people every day.

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