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Written by Shane Neubauer


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Beyond is taking a new direction

Effective immediately, we are working to serve Internet communities, helping them to become established, to grow, monetise, and to govern themselves.

Through the past months of building, running, and growing the Beyond content curation platform, we learned many valuable things.

Much of what we learned confirmed what we believed: content curation is a really important topic, and will continue to be so. People continue to curate the best content, and they like to do it where friends or colleagues already are: on social platforms, or in online community platforms.

After reflecting deeply over the past months, we have now decided to pivot our solution, to serve those communities directly, instead of focusing on the collection and sharing of the content.

We discovered that these communities are underserved in many ways, and this will become even more exacerbated as the current Internet trends pick up steam.

We'll be bringing the power of web3 to your online communities, with built-in support for one-click login with your wallet, token based access control (eg. NFTs), payments and rewards, marketplaces, and much more.

We can't wait to share more about what we're working on!

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