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Written by Shane Neubauer


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The Future of Content Is Human-to-Human

Hey! Welcome to Beyond. We're so happy that you're here.

We're on a mission to make sense of the Internet. There's so much stuff out there right now, that it's really hard to find the right content that's most valuable to you.

If you want to learn something new, like Data Science, you'll find hundreds or thousands of blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts about it. Where do you start? Which one do you choose?

Your time is valuable, and trying them all out is expensive, or impossible.

Beyond is a community and a platform for finding only the best stuff, curated by people who know the answer already. You don't need to waste hours of searching the Internet, because there's an expert there who has already followed the same path, and is already curating the best stuff.

Everyone can easily collect, share, and discover the things most valuable to them.

Beyond is designed around existing behaviours:

Collecting things for later

When we find something we like on the Internet, we naturally like to save it for later. There are so many ways to do it. Bookmark a link in your browser, put it into your Amazon Wishlist, save it to your Watch Later list in YouTube, or bookmark it on Twitter. Save the story on Medium, or archive it using Pocket.

Beyond is the one place to put everything. You can organise things, plan your consumption, tag everything, and share it with others.

Sharing things with others

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the nature with which we can share things. If I find something I like, I can't help but share it with a friend, or all of my friends. I like to publish which books I enjoyed, and send interesting articles to my followers on Twitter.

Beyond is the best place to share all of your interesting things with the community. Grab all your favourite things from the Internet, organise them, and share your collections. You can subscribe to others, and always stay up to date with the best content.

We believe that the future of content consumption is human-to-human. People collecting and sharing content for others.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Join our waiting list to be one of the first to be part of Beyond.

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