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  • Access to our exclusive area in Discord, where you can influence our roadmap, chat about features, and get priority support
  • Our product is currently in private, invite only beta. As soon as we are ready, you get all the tools you need to grow and run a Web3 community
  • Use your community token to create exclusive experiences
  • Get visibility in your community with insights.



What NFT holders get?

This is a very special, exclusive, once-off access pass. As a Beyond Believer Member, you'll have access to all premium membership features. As soon as the product is ready, you will belong to the first people to get access.

Already today you get access to special experiences within our Beyond community. Special AMAs with guest speakers, product development insights, workshops and much more.

There are three tiers: Believer, Founder, and Supporter. The access is the same, but the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is.

The people behind Beyond

Alex and Shane met 5 years ago when they both lived in Hamburg, down the street from each other. They were both volunteering for a workshop to teach programming to refugees, and remained friends since then. They bonded over their love of reading and building products, and now are turning that passion into Beyond. Katia was approached as a business angel and after a longer period of advising and collaborating, ended up joining Alex and Shane as a commercial co-founder.

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What benefits do I get from buying the Beyond Believer access pass?

Exclusive access to a special area in Discord where we chat about features, the roadmap, and you can influence our product direction! You'll also be first in line for any future benefits, early access to new features we release. Beyond Premium forever.

Is each NFT unique?

Yes! Every single NFT will come with unique, one-of-one artwork. Each one has been crafted carefully, and we're sure that you will love the results!

When is Beyond launching to everyone?

Beyond is currently in private, invite only beta. People holding a Beyond Believer are the first to get onboarded as soon as we're ready.

How much is my access pass NFT worth?

A lot! You won't need to pay the normal subscription fee that everyone else pays (ever) plus there will be tons of benefits just for you. You'll also be able to influence our roadmap, which will help to make sure we build a product that suits your needs.

Can I transfer or sell my Beyond Believer pass?

You can sell or transfer the NFT at any time, on any secondary market.

Will I get locked in to the Beyond platform?

No, we're making sure that does not happen. Any contracts, tokens, and transactions are merely facilitated by Beyond, but we have no part of them. All assets and contracts are owned and controlled by your wallet, so you could leave the platform at any time without a problem.

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