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These exclusive passes give you lifetime access and tons of benefits



Lifetime Premium Access

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  • All the tools you need to grow and run a web3 community
  • Deploy and manage your community token with a few clicks
  • Manage multiple premium communities
  • Share ownership among your members, and reward them for contributing
  • Access to our exclusive area in Discord, where you can influence our roadmap, chat about features, and get priority support



What is the Lifetime Access Pass NFT?

This is a very special, exclusive, once-off access pass. As a Lifetime Access Pass Member, you'll have access to all premium membership features as long as you hold the NFT. You can transfer it to a friend or sell it on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea if you choose.

There are three tiers: Believer, Founder, and Supporter. The access is the same, but the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is.

In addition to the lifetime premium access and exclusive community acces, we also have some surprises planned for our early believers.

Who we are

Shane and Alex met 5 years ago while volunteering for a workshop to teach programming to refugees, and remained friends since then. They bonded over their love of reading and building products, and now are turning that passion into Beyond.

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Shane Neubauer

Shane Neubauer

Eng Lead @ Google, Founder in Residence @ EF, Founder FruitDAO

Shane Neubauer's Twitter pageShane Neubauer's Linkedin page
Alexander Hipp

Alexander Hipp

Senior PM @ N26 & XING, Founder of PM Library & Riptide


Holding one of the limited lifetime passes for Beyond Premium is not only great art but also a promise for the future of community-building.

  • Rewards made easy

    Easily give rewards to anyone in the community. Show great contributors your appreciation by distributing a community token.

  • Roles based on NFT ownership

    Offer a tiered community experience to your members. People contributing much or paying more get different roles.

  • Freedom of platforms

    If you are using Discord, Slack or your own platforms to engage with your community, you will be able to manage all of it from the same place.

  • Make it your own

    Fully customisable to suit your brand. With themes and configurable colours.

  • Communicate in the way you want

    Chat with members, use a message board, create pages, or use the powerful vote feature. Talking with your audience or community doesn’t need to happen one way.

  • Handy integrations

    Connect your community with your other tools to super charge even more. Discord, OpenSea, Twitter, Zapier, and many more.

  • Private NFT marketplace

    You can buy and sell NFTs directly in your community, to allow private sales for valued members.

  • ...and much more


What benefits do I get from buying a lifetime access pass?

You'll get lifetime premium access -- our highest plan -- forever. You'll also be first in line for any future benefits, early access to new features we release, and exclusive access to a special area in Discord where we chat about features, the roadmap, and you can influence our product direction!

Will I get locked in to the Beyond platform?

No, we're making sure that does not happen. Any contracts, tokens, and transactions are merely facilitated by Beyond, but we have no part of them. All assets and contracts are owned and controlled by your wallet, so you could leave the platform at any time without a problem.

Is each NFT unique?

Yes! Every single NFT will come with unique, one-of-one artwork. Each one has been crafted carefully, and we're sure that you will love the results!

When is Beyond launching?

Beyond is going live on the Ethereum main network on the 9th December. Users can already begin testing out the Beyond platform on the Rinkeby network. Reach out to Alex or Shane in Discord to be onboarded.

How much is my access pass NFT worth?

A lot! You won't need to pay the normal subscription fee that everyone else pays (ever) plus there will be tons of benefits just for you. You'll also be able to influence our roadmap, which will help to make sure we build a product that suits your needs.

Can I transfer or sell my lifetime access pass?

You can sell or transfer the NFT at any time, on any secondary market.

Can I run more than one community with my lifetime access pass?

With this special pass, you'll be able to run multiple communities.

Need help or have questions?

Join our Discord to reach us