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White Paper


We're launching a $BEYOND utility token, which community members can use for lots of cool stuff, including buying shares in Beyond, getting special members access in Discord, paying for premium subscription and more.

What can you do with $BEYOND


Buy real shares in Beyond with the $BEYOND token.


Get access to the Beyond Members area in Discord.


Participate in community governance.


Pay for a Beyond premium subscription.


Traded for other asset types (eg. Ethereum).


Tip other people in the community as a thank you.


... and much more coming soon.

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What is Beyond?

Beyond is a Web3 community platform. Anyone can turn their community into a Web3 community in under 5 minutes. Launch a community token, give rewards to great contributors, and set up private areas of your community for token holders -- plus so much more!

We have already launched the first version of Beyond, and proceeds from this token sale will go toward further development, to make the product even better for community builders.

The people behind Beyond

Alex and Shane met 5 years ago when they both lived in Hamburg, down the street from each other. They were both volunteering for a workshop to teach programming to refugees, and remained friends since then. They bonded over their love of reading and building products, and now are turning that passion into Beyond. Katia was approached as a business angel and after a longer period of advising and collaborating, ended up joining Alex and Shane as a commercial co-founder.

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Can I buy tokens any time?

No. We only offer to buy tokens in very limited batches, with no specific frequency. If you're interested to buy, you should not hesitate!

Are these tokens shares of Beyond?

The $BEYOND token is a utility token, and is not a share of Beyond. However, you'll be able to purchase shares of Beyond using your $BEYOND tokens. Shares will not be available to purchase any other way, unless you are an accredited investor who participates in one of our funding rounds.

What benefits do I get from buying tokens?

You'll get access to a special members area in our community, where community builders discuss topics and help each other, and we'll also chat about features and product development too. Future benefits always go to members first.

How much are my tokens worth?

The $BEYOND tokens are a utility token, which are not intended to be an investment vehicle. They can be used for several things (see our whitepaper above). They will also be available to buy/sell in a little while, and the price in the market will be dictated by supply and demand.

Can I transfer or sell my tokens?

You can transfer or sell your tokens at any time. However, in the beginning liquidity may be difficult to find. The token will not be listed on any major exchange yet. Soon we will be integrated on Uniswap with a liquidity pool, to allow token swaps to happen.

Will this token increase in value?

This token is not an investment vehicle. However, we still aim to provide as much value as we can, including things like the ability to pay for your Beyond premium subscription.

I have a lifetime pass NFT. What's the difference?

Lifetime pass holders forever hold a special place in our hearts, and in our Discord server. Your Believer access will remain special, and your private area will still be private.

$BEYOND token holders will get access to the Members area, which is also special, but not as exclusive.

Lifetime pass holders will automatically get a free airdrop of $BEYOND, so if you have one, you get to enjoy both benefits 😃 (hint: If you want one, go here)

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